Cottage in the forest for rental

Cottage in the forest for rental. Placed around 30 km from Järjagården. Do you love to be out in nature, feel the peace and sympathy with the forest and all its wild animals? Then this is the place to be!

Here you live the simple life for a couple of days, by still having the comfort of electricity, radiators for heating and kitchen with an oven for cooking. Water will be collected from a weld and shower with sauna is available at Järjagården.

Price: 250 SEK/person per night and 1 000 SEK/person per week. Welcome into the wilderness! Click the photos below for a bigger view. More info:

Hunting at Järjagården

Järjagården offers exclusive hunting areas for bird- and hare hunting.

New trailer about Järjagården

Järjagården – An oasis in the wilderness

The family owned Järjagården is a meeting point in a living countryside, where people meet to socialize and go on adventures in untouched nature

Hunting for small game and sport fishing

The family owned Järjagården offers hunting for small game and sport fishing in Lapland’s wilderness

Järjagården – The place for sport fishing

Amazing fishing, beautiful surroundings, home cooked food and comfortable accommodation with a familiar atmosphere: 
All this to be found in the same place – Järjagården!

Explore the wilderness

Explore Lapland’s wilderness on our snowmobiles!

Snowy landscapes and well prepared trails just outside the door. We give advices of places to visit, or guide you there.

In the evening you can expect comfortable accommodation, warming sauna and a genuine dinner at Järjagården. Always with personal service.

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New trailer

A little teaser for the upcoming movies about Järjagården. We’ll keep you posted!
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